How Digital Marketing Works - Everything you need to know

How Digital Marketing Works – Everything you need to know

Praneeth Ponakala
May 21, 2021

How many of us can access the internet today? Would you believe that if we told that the numbers of people who go online are increasing rapidly day by day, especially during this pandemic effect?

According to the top research institutes today, it is a known fact “constant” internet usage among people was increased by 10% compared to the last three years. This makes a clear picture that offline marketing is no longer is primary marketing funnel anymore.

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is always focused on connecting with the right audience in the right place and at the right time. If we do the same thing digitally, we call it “Digital Marketing.”

Digital Marketing is like an ocean today. It is deeper and still going deep with the latest techniques, processes, tactics, and practices.

Top, most experts have given many definitions of digital marketing.

But, when you understand what digital marketing does for your business, you may expect the essence beyond the technical definitions.

So, you are looking forward to understanding how this digital marketing works for your business?

The main motive of digital marketing is to make the business successful in generating traffic, create awareness and convert the traffic into leads and to the customers.

What’s inside digital marketing?

When you peep into digital marketing, you might have heard about the various digital marketing strategies like SEO, SMM, ORM, and much more terms related to this.

All the above are a couple of strategies that are equipped in digital marketing; what we mean is inside the digital marketing funnel.

We make you understand the main terminologies and concepts you should know to understand how digital marketing works.

Here we go!

Search Engine Optimization

Whenever you want to purchase a product or avail a service, it is common to search for something on Google search engine before making a buying decision, true?


This is where SEO comes in; by making your website SEO friendly, your customers also found your business in the search engine results while searching for your services or products across the web.

It helps your business to grab potential leads and significant exposure to the company. It takes a lot of time, effort, skill, and patience to get better results. It is not a one-time technique or tactic that can provide you overnight results.

Instead, it is a significant part of digital marketing to achieve the expected results.

Pay Per Click Advertising

It helps you gain good traffic to your website, which is a part of paid marketing. By using the various channels, digital marketers can provide you the best strategic paid marketing to boost the overall traffic.

Website Marketing

Website is one of the most prominent marketing mediums that helps you gain potential customers and understand their touchpoints and consumer behavior.

Digital marketing can help you track the various touchpoints using different marketing technologies integrated with the website. Like Google Analytics, Search Console, and other technologies help you find out how customers choose what you offer.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a significant part of digital marketing today. Without content marketing, you won’t be able to build the customer base for your business. It’s all about promoting your company in various forms like Videos, Blogs, social media posts, podcasts, testimonials, and much more. All these contribute a part to digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing

The most valuable, trending asset of digital marketing is social media marketing. It bought a revolutionary change to the table of the businesses today.

The ever-growing number of social media users is a critical asset for marketing across various social media platforms. It is like a golden asset to the overall digital marketing play.

Email Marketing

The best way to generate fresh leads to your business is by email. Email marketing can help in making loyal customers. Marketing with engaging newsletters, promotional offers, and various products and services can help companies to grow.

Affiliate Marketing

You were connecting with the influencer people who can recommend your products and services deals in affiliate marketing. It is a part of the digital marketing strategies that can improve your business sales and conversions.

Summing it up

All the above ways are part of the digital marketing funnel. When an expert digital marketer utilizes all these techniques or strategies in his plan by customizing to the domain and business, digital marketing will work just amazing and takes your business to the next level.

So, are you thinking about digital marketing for your business?

Discuss your goals and objectives with us with our digital marketing by redefining them for your business.


Praneeth Ponakala 
Published On – 21st May 2021

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